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Namour scene article

'Your Story Matters:' Heidi Saman's Blueprint to Making a Successful ...

A conversation with writer-director, Heidi Saman, about her debut feature, NAMOUR.

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Black Femininity as the 'Monstrousness" audiovisual essay

Unpacking the highs and lows of Blaxploitation horror through the prism of Barbara Creed's seminal, 'Monstrous-Feminine: Film, Feminism, Psychoanalysis'. Featuring readings on classics such as, 'Ganja and Hess', 'Abby', and 'Sugar Hill'.

Gulabi gang protest photo by torstein grude article

Women in Revolt: An International Women's Day Film Syllabus

Ten films that explore what a woman in revolt looks like.

Unnamed 2 article

SVLLY(wood) Magazine vol.1 issue.2: INTIFADA! by SVLLYwood Magazine - issuu

profiling a cinematic revolution with a trio of essays on the black radical tradition, mexican zapatistas new media strategy and what makes a political film. accompanied by two detailed interviews with contemporary revolutionary filmmakers!

Tumblr mkjc3o04ge1qizch9o1 1280 710x550 article

Defending Your Life — Real Life

How has gendered relations trickled down to celebrity public apologies and the need to self-disclose private information in a public space?

Unnamed 2 1 article

Contextualizing Uprising: Interview w/ the mastermind behind 'Filming Revolution'

In the second half of the Contextualizing Uprising segment, we speak to Dr. Alisa Lebow on her meta-documentary 'Filming Revolution', an audacious interactive cultural project that attempts to map the complex national and personal histories of the Egyptian Revolution within the context of cinema.

Angela bassett malcolm x article

Angela Bassett, the genius that defies age – Media Diversified

All Rise for The Reigning Queen of Black Hollywood

Unnamed article

Call to Arms! Interview w/ Generation Revolution Co-directors

In our two part Contextualizing Uprising segment, we speak to first time directors, Usayd Younis and Cassie Quarless whose documentary, Generation Revolution explores the dynamic Black Lives Matter scene in the U.K and how they hope it builds a bridge to recruiting a new generation of freedom fighters.

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Is Western cinema ready to challenge Muslim stereotypes? - Little ...

Is Western cinema ready to challenge Muslim stereot...

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SVLLY(wood) Magazine vol.1 issue.1

The Feminine Mystique Redux. The intersection of fourth wave feminism and horror scholarship.

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Editor's Note — SVLLY(wood) Magazine

In times of political crisis it’s vital to remember that art is the soul of the revolution.

Unnamed 1 article

Black Femininity as the “Monstrousness”

Unpacking the highs and lows of Blaxploitation horror through the prism of Barbara Creed's seminal, Monstrous-Feminine. Featuring readings on Ganja and Hess, Abby, and Sugar Hill

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5 Questions with SVLLY(wood) Magazine Publisher, Rooney Elmi

Interviewed by acclaimed horror blog, Graveyard Shift Sisters on the first issue of SVLLY(wood) Magazine + being a black woman in horror

Photos west indies article

The Afro Optimistic cinema of Med Hondo

Med Hondo Is The African Auteur You Need To See

960 article

Film Jive

Contributed to Film Jive's Soundtrack of Terror Vol. II.
1:02:34 I spoke aboutDavid Robert Mitchell's indie hit, It Follows (2015)